V in Cuff

Posted in Unclassified on March 26th, 2012 by mdjusc

In my mind, custom clothing is an art-form.  I liken my bespoke shirt collection to a gallery of Renoirs.  Each one is unique, tells a story, and most importantly created particularly with me in mind.  The cuffs match my arm, the collar adjusted to the girth of my neck, the stitching, the patterns…all exclusively for me!  The other day I called my dry cleaning to track down a misplaced shirt of mine.  The dry cleaner asked for a description and I couldn’t help but laugh.  My response…”the shirt is labeled with my name…trust me, you’ll know it’s mine.”  My shirts  you ask…I go with a V in the cuff from none other than Mr. Alex Beverly Hills.V in Cuff

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