Tee it up

Posted in Unclassified on March 25th, 2012 by mdjusc

Are you an avid gofer?  Do you enjoy hitting the linx any chance you get? 


Now, let me ask you something, what club do you belong to?  If the answer is “none” then you need to get the click the back button and leave this site.  Men join clubs, men belong, men like places that still let you smoke a stogy, get your shoes shined, maybe a shave….men do not like the cluster of confusion that public courses have become.  Don’t get us wrong…everyone deserves to play golf (it’s a sport, all men should have a chance to compete) but seriously, how can anyone remotely found of the game of gentlemen tolerate a 6.5 hour round.  That’s what public courses have become, a showcase for hipsters to flaunt their latest plaid pants.  No thank you sir…I will see you at the club, OR will I?  You can make the call.

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