Chauvinism at it’s Finest…

Posted in LAX, SFO on September 21st, 2010 by mdjusc

NewmanChauvinism is the most underrated “ism” in the free world.  Of course there are limits to everything, but in my opinion every man needs to carry some chauvinism in his demeanor to do the sex some justice.

What ever happened to the man who wasn’t afraid to order a scotch neat or swing an ax or refrain from wearing skinny jeans.  What happened to the guy’s guy who would tell a hipster to get a haircut, wouldn’t refrain from taking control of a situation, and called things like they were.

Our blog is an outlet for this endangered species of man – a forum conducive to a demographic who climbs the corporate ladder, dresses appropriately, eats well, and is simply a man.