New SF Staple: Cafe Des Amis

Posted in Black Book, Sustenance on October 13th, 2010 by mdjusc

Bacchus Management Group is dominating the San Francisco  food scene.  Not only does their name inspire jealously in guys (wishing they had thought of it first), culinary staples like the Village Pub and Spruce are some of the best power meal places for men.  With their latest addition, Café Des Amis, Bacchus Management Group partners with Perry Butler (founder of Perry’s) to take their dominance to the next level. 

You will feel just as comfortable whether at the bar, sitting at a sidewalk table, or relaxing in a classic booth.  A deadly combination of charming ambiance, delicious food, and refined drinks have justified the restaurant’s addition to my “go-to” list.      

Café Des Amis is another great example of the Endangered Man.  It’s not trendy, it’s not a novelty; it’s simply classic and good.

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