Gift to Self

Posted in Unclassified on March 23rd, 2012 by mdjusc




Has there come a time when you just wanted to spoil yourself; take you hard earned currency and buy someone that truly represents yourself?  All men need an outlet…for a successful male; a high-end splurge purchase can be just that thing.  But I am not referring to necessities here (no, replacing your sock collection does count).  I am talking about those once in a lifetime buys that you hold onto for years.  Here is my list (let me know what you think):


1. Motorcycle (Vintage, preferably English)

2. Watch (someone gold, only high school seniors go for Stainless Steel)

3. Sports car (could be filed under a necessity unless you go big, real big…think candy red Ferrari)

4. Man trip (not Hawaii with the Misses; more like hunting pirates off the coast of Somalia in a private Russian yacht). 

5. Suite (bespoke bespoke bespoke…made from the hair of an animal that can only be found in some Mongolian hillside town guarded by a raging pack of Genghis Khan descendants). 

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