V in Cuff

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In my mind, custom clothing is an art-form.  I liken my bespoke shirt collection to a gallery of Renoirs.  Each one is unique, tells a story, and most importantly created particularly with me in mind.  The cuffs match my arm, the collar adjusted to the girth of my neck, the stitching, the patterns…all exclusively for me!  The other day I called my dry cleaning to track down a misplaced shirt of mine.  The dry cleaner asked for a description and I couldn’t help but laugh.  My response…”the shirt is labeled with my name…trust me, you’ll know it’s mine.”  My shirts  you ask…I go with a V in the cuff from none other than Mr. Alex Beverly Hills.V in Cuff

Tee it up

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Are you an avid gofer?  Do you enjoy hitting the linx any chance you get? 


Now, let me ask you something, what club do you belong to?  If the answer is “none” then you need to get the click the back button and leave this site.  Men join clubs, men belong, men like places that still let you smoke a stogy, get your shoes shined, maybe a shave….men do not like the cluster of confusion that public courses have become.  Don’t get us wrong…everyone deserves to play golf (it’s a sport, all men should have a chance to compete) but seriously, how can anyone remotely found of the game of gentlemen tolerate a 6.5 hour round.  That’s what public courses have become, a showcase for hipsters to flaunt their latest plaid pants.  No thank you sir…I will see you at the club, OR will I?  You can make the call.

Ultimate Travel Companion

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I’ve always preferred possessions that have substance, tell a story, have lived a life of their own.  One prime example of this type of item is the leather carryall.  The perfect leather duffel is unique to each man and will accompany them on vacations, work trips, weekend getaways, and the any sleepover in-between.  A good leather bag improves with age and almost contours to your lifestyle.  When selecting your leather duffel, think past price tag and consider the purchase as more of an adoption.  You are adopting a life long companion and sidekick. 


Power Shoes

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Can men please stop wearing square-toed platypus shoes that are made from rubber faux-leather.  What are these idiots thinking when the plunk down $69.00 for these pieces of design and function crap.  Let’s set some things clear on “box” shoes: 1. they are ugly; 2. they make you look like an intern; 3. they have never been intended for an office. 


Men wear real shoes to work,shoes that are made in Europe by actual craftsman, shoes that come from companies which have lasted the test of time (Bally, Weston, Berluti, Edward Green), shoes that don’t squeak when you walk or look like flotation devices.  Man up and go buy some power shoes. 


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There are a lot of douche bags who get hung up with exposing every particular flavor note contained in a sip of bourbon.  Screw that.  Endangered men drink bourbon because they like drinking, not tasting, not sipping, not swooshing around in their mouth.  Men choose bourbon because it tastes delicious and does the job.  While bourbon (and other whiskey) production is great and interesting, it’s not the primary driver for drinking the stuff.  Whatever happened to a guy, a dark bar, and a bottle of booze (particularly bourbon)?  I like the stuff, so do you, let’s leave it there and split the bottle. 

Blanton's Silver...great 30th bday gift for a pal!

Gift to Self

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Has there come a time when you just wanted to spoil yourself; take you hard earned currency and buy someone that truly represents yourself?  All men need an outlet…for a successful male; a high-end splurge purchase can be just that thing.  But I am not referring to necessities here (no, replacing your sock collection does count).  I am talking about those once in a lifetime buys that you hold onto for years.  Here is my list (let me know what you think):


1. Motorcycle (Vintage, preferably English)

2. Watch (someone gold, only high school seniors go for Stainless Steel)

3. Sports car (could be filed under a necessity unless you go big, real big…think candy red Ferrari)

4. Man trip (not Hawaii with the Misses; more like hunting pirates off the coast of Somalia in a private Russian yacht). 

5. Suite (bespoke bespoke bespoke…made from the hair of an animal that can only be found in some Mongolian hillside town guarded by a raging pack of Genghis Khan descendants). 

Private Train

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Trains are the new jets.  What’s a better status symbol that having you own locomotive and track.  Screw the private airways, private rail is way more opulent.

Advice to a Hipster

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I’m seriously sick of hipsters…we all get it, you’re cool (or at least you think so).  Your bars serve drinks that take 30 minutes and a chemistry set to make; your restaurants are bastardized combinations of pubs and farmers markets; and your women look like Kurt Cobain with too much eye makeup.

My advice to this confused demographic is to grow up…you need to stop pretending you’re a skateboarder (i.e. skinny jeans) or a lumberjack (i.e. plaid).  A trend that is mildly excusable for preteen girls is just not okay for the mid-20s/early-30s crowd.  You love dirty music festivals and yeasty microbrews…I just don’t see the appeal.  In order to mature into adults you need to: purchase a better wardrobe (that does not involve a vintage tee collection or random scarves), strive for a better job (entry level at a production company is not the ticket to success), and develop some class (begin by reading this blog).