Advice to a Hipster

Posted in Unclassified on October 13th, 2010 by mdjusc

I’m seriously sick of hipsters…we all get it, you’re cool (or at least you think so).  Your bars serve drinks that take 30 minutes and a chemistry set to make; your restaurants are bastardized combinations of pubs and farmers markets; and your women look like Kurt Cobain with too much eye makeup.

My advice to this confused demographic is to grow up…you need to stop pretending you’re a skateboarder (i.e. skinny jeans) or a lumberjack (i.e. plaid).  A trend that is mildly excusable for preteen girls is just not okay for the mid-20s/early-30s crowd.  You love dirty music festivals and yeasty microbrews…I just don’t see the appeal.  In order to mature into adults you need to: purchase a better wardrobe (that does not involve a vintage tee collection or random scarves), strive for a better job (entry level at a production company is not the ticket to success), and develop some class (begin by reading this blog).

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